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The Human Behind the Art

Graduate award-winning and honours student at Sheridan College’s Commercial Illustration program, Akita’s artistic curiosity has led to proficiency in many mediums including graphic design, illustration, sculpture, motion graphics, and painting.


With Influence Marketing, Akita has been on the launching team for securing partnerships with high-profile partners like Moosehead Breweries, Sparkling Ice, NuSteff Baking, Fireside Cannabis, among others. Prior to her role at Influence Marketing, Akita was a College Pro Painters franchisee winning both a success and team culture award. Nominated student body president for the 2017 Illustration Grad Show, and recipient of The Peer Leadership Award at Sheridan College.


And since I'm actually writing this I'll stop referring to myself in the third person. Art is oxygen, and it belongs in every aspect of my life. I'm a lover of fashion, tree-hugging, weird music and experimental movies, board games, spirituality, high saturation colour that makes your eyes hurt, Halloween, and my mom. I'm told I'm a ball of sunshine and am very easy to talk to. I strongly believe in accessibility and inclusivity with passions specifically in LGBTQ+ rights, feminism, sex-positive conversations, and education. 

Above all, I love to get weird as shit and I'm on a mission to make a career out of it. If anyone wants to pay me to stick gems all over my face, please contact me right away!

Akita Cachia'Costa

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