who am i?

Who is this person? Why is she awesome?

My name is Akita and I love creating with all my being. I am a graduate of the Bachelors of Illustration program at Sheridan College after 6 long years (I loved school too much to leave). Pretty much any medium you put in front of me I will find a way to make it work but my favourites are traditional 3D sculpting and digital design. I am working on building a portfolio that marries the two because that is really all I want to do.


Having worked in this industry for the last few years, I've really come to understand the importance of unique branding identity and how to customize my work to suit my client's needs. I value honesty, professionalism, and of course creating lasting relationships.


When I'm not creating (rarely), I love watching documentaries or weird foreign experimental art films, going for long hikes in the woods, exploring spirituality, playing with my dog, or hanging out with my mom.

Akita Cachia'Costa