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Icons, Business Cards and Marketing

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Chinese robotics program rebranded for Ontario. Stickers, pins, and infograph. 

oaklearning branding


When I started designing for Oaklearning, all they had was a logo. Everything else from there was up to me to make a reality. Oaklearning is an after school program for students K-12 focusing on all areas of education including math, French, art and more.




RoboRobo was originally a Chinese based program to introduce students starting at age 3 up through highschool about robotics and programming. Oaklearning uses three of the classes by the names of UARO, Robo Kids and Robo KIT. More information on these programs can be Googled.

My responsibility was to rebrand RoboRobo for Ontario and help to build the program so that other schools across the province may use what we have developed.